Updated 5/2/09

Our Kitchen Renovation


Week One and Two

Week Three and Four

Update: We're in the home stretch!

I haven't updated the blog in a while, but that doesn't mean things haven't been happening. In fact, I spent most of last night unpacking and organizing our now FULLY FUNCTIONAL kitchen! A few odds and ends need to be finished up, but Jeff and I are now able to cook on our sweet stove:

Nice view

It's a dacor 48 dual fuel range, and it is awesome. The knobs glow blue when it's turned on:

The pan fits

And Jeff is super excited with how the big cast iron looks and fits on the 6 HUGE burners:

Big Pan

If we can't cook a steak evenly on this bad boy, we're doing something wrong! Above the stove is our super huge hood! We we turn it up to 11 (technically four), it sounds like a jet plane is flying overhead. I think my favorite thing is our extra deep sink. I love how you can have dirty dishes in it, and you can't see them!

Deep Sink

Now, for some panoramic shots: (not really, but you'll get the idea). View of the kitchen from the living room: Note: there are dirty dishes in the sink, but can you see them? NO YOU CANNOT. That's how awesome the sink is.

Can't see the dishes

View of the dining room from the kitchen:

View of the dining room

View of the living room from in front of the French doors:

View of the living room

View of the kitchen from the dining room (this is what you'd see if we have you over for dinner, only it would be less messy!):

View of the kitchen area

And lastly, the view from the living room into the dining room:

Alternate view of the dining room

And if you know me, you'll understand how excited I am to share my beautifully organized baking drawer:

Colorful drawer

And sauce/spice cabinet:

Cabinet is organized

We'll see how long it lasts.

So, what's left: A set of cabinets are due sometime soon, they'll go under the peninsula. The granite back splash needs to be installed, as does the stainless steel backguard for behind the stove. A few finishing pieces on the cabinets need to be added. Lastly, painting! Hopefully painters will be here in the next week. And, budget permitting, we'd like to put in a small patio off the french doors, so we can have almost immediate access to the grill.

PS. Today Jeff noticed we have a little friend hanging out in our backyard, near where the grill and patio should go. Maybe he's hoping Jeff can grill up some veggies for him!



It's a baby bunny!