Updated 4/6/09

Our Kitchen Renovation

Week 1: Where we started from

On Tuesday, March 17th, renovations began on Highball Manor's kitchen. Over the next 8 weeks (give or take a few weeks), the transformation from a dilapidated, run down, inefficient space to a sleek, modern, efficient kitchen center will take place!

Before: The Ugly

As I've learned from all the home makeover shows, no kitchen transformation is complete without some establishing before shots, so here they are.

Oh yeah, the dining room is changing too.

Jeff's modeling all the things we really dislike about our kitchen.

Exhibit A. The tiny stove:

Exhibit B. The crappy cooktop:

Exhibit C. The refrigerator that is so tight against the wall we can't even open the vegetable crisper door all the way:

Week 1 and 2: The Bad

Demolition! I suspect (and others have told me) that demolition is the most exciting part of a renovation - you certainly feel like things are moving along, because things become so dramatically different in just one or two days!

Should we keep this look?


View from the other side of the room. Good riddance crappy saggy cabinets!

Alternative Destruction

Demolitions are a little like treasure hunts. Here's some of the lovely things we found.

GORGEOUS wallpaper. Botanical prints!

Botanical Wallpaper

A pack of NOW 100s

Now 100s

There was also a bottle of Canadian Whiskey behind the bathtub. (no picture). Jeff was told that there's a tradition with plumbers to leave behind a bottle of liquor in the wall of their job, but I couldn't find any proof of this on the internets, so I'm not sure we can believe it.

It's exciting to see the blank slate the contractors will be working with!

Our future kitchen. (Yes, that's right! Our new kitchen is going to be where our dining room was! Does that BLOW YOUR MIND?)

New kitchen diagram

And now, the dining room.

Diagram 2