Updated 4/6/09

Our Kitchen Renovation

Week 3: Walls and Floors!

Things are moving fast! The masons have cut holes for the new window and door, and bricked up the old window. earlier in the week, the dry wall guys were here, so now we have walls:

New kitchen space:

New Kitchen Space

New dining room space:

The plywood indicates where the new French doors will go:

New Dining Space

This is the wall we need to pick a paint color for, any suggestions?

Wall to be painted

But where are the "Servant's Stairs" you ask? Well, they're underneath all this drywall:

No more stairs!

Week 4

We're in a holding pattern until the cabinets come in, probably next week. In the meantime, we finalized our granite selection and had the gas meter moved.

The cabinets will be a dark ebony birch, so we went with Millenium Cream (also known as IVORY FANTASY, very seductive-sounding!):

Granite Sample

On Monday, the gas company came and moved our gas meter. this was pretty exciting, especially as I came home to find this parked in our front yard:

Large Construction Equipment

Now for a funny story:

During construction, Jeff has been parking his car on the street to allow the contractors full driveway parking privileges. Monday night Jeff had fallen asleep in his office, which is in the back of the house on the ground floor level. The overhead light was on, so from the road, you could tell the light was on. Sometime in the middle of the night, Jeff woke up to someone pounding on the office window, while shining a flashlight in the window. It was the police! Jeff answered the door, and the police asked to see some identification. Evidently, the police thought Jeff might be a squatter. It is reassuring to know that Arlington County police are observant and looking out for us!

Update! The French doors will go in tomorrow, the cabinets will be here on Friday, and on Monday, the appliances will be delivered! EEK!